Blown extrusion technology

Our blown extrusion process is one of the most advanced in the world, capable of producing exceptionally consistent, high-quality film that runs at highly efficient speeds to increase the productivity of your operation.

Here are some highlights of our equipment.

  • Blown film die: Controls basic film size, thickness, properties and characteristics. The low-residence time dies allow for quick and even resin processing.
  • Vacuum loaders and blenders: Loads resins, additives and pigments into blenders that dose and mix the ingredients according to a programmed recipe. Three-layer films blend 18 materials and five-layer films blend 24 materials.
  • Oscillating haul-off (vertical and horizontal): Pulls the film up the tower and randomizes the film's layflat by oscillating the layflat upon itself.
  • Thickness probe: Measures film, ensuring specification accuracy with non-contact capacitance gauges and nuclear gauges.
  • Film winder: Controls roll width, diameter and tension. All winders are turret winders for better control of consistency.
How flat is your film?
How flat is your film?

Corporate Vice President, Mark Lichtblau describes how to run faster packaging lines.

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