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If you want to save money and gain efficiencies with your film packaging, you need the flattest, most consistent film available. And with state-of-the-art technologies that controls gauge variances, we can offer you just that.

Flatter film runs through production lines faster. It also creates rolls with a more consistent, cylindrical geometry, which allow for larger outside diameters. We can make film rolls with up to 55-inch outside diameters, so your production line can run longer with less down time.

When film variability is lower, failure rates are lower, so you produce less scrap and better yields.

Finally, consistent films have a higher performance rate, letting you down-gauge your film by up to 20%, while retaining the same performance specifications. By down-gauging, you get longer run times and less labour needed for product changeovers.

Want to know more? Watch "How Flat Is Your Film"


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